At Gysette we love to give back as much as we can, supporting organisations that are helping those who are less fortunate than us.

We do this through supporting ‘The Orangutan Project’ with a monthly donation.

All of our pieces are ethically produced and manufactured in India & China.
Sustainability is a focus here at Gysette and something we continue to work towards implementing to our business.

When the design team sit down to create and develop our ranges, we are thinking of longevity of this. This means high quality, which is long lasting and durable. We are not about one season and it’s over and done with. We love nothing more than seeing woman wearing their old pieces year after year.

Packing of Stock
Gysette has started to use reduced plastic packaging of bulk orders. We feel this will been one of our most effective changes and has all of our suppliers involved.

Freight & Shipping
Here at Gysette we are making some simple changes such as allowing for longer lead times to enable sea freight and where possible
combining deliveries to cut down on transportation. We have also set ourselves a goal to make sure our fibres and materials are grown and produced as close to the point of manufacture when possible.

Mass Produced
We do not mass produce in questionable factories with unknown, never ending supply chains and aggressive deadlines. We have great relationships with our amazing supplier and we are constantly working towards being, as responsible, as possible.

Animal Wellfare
Fur – Gysette does not include fur in its range, hair on leather may be included.
Exotic skins – Gysette does not include real exotic animal skins in its range, including, snake, alligator, crocodile, lizard, ostrich, emu, kangaroo, shark and stingray.
Feather & Down – Gysette will only source down and feather from suppliers that have Responsible Down Standard certification.

There is no easy final solution to the issues we face, but we know that companies
can always take large or small steps to improve how they treat people and the planet.